3rd Decade™ Application

Thank you for your interest in the 3rd Decade™ program!

Each class is limited to 20 individuals who generally fit the following criteria:

  • You’re 21-35 years old
  • Your household income is between $35,000 and $100,000
  • You hold a bachelors, associate or vocational degree
  • You rent or own your home
  • You’re working fulltime
  • You’re ready to manage debt and start a financial plan
  • You can commit the program which will require you to attend four classes plus two meetings a year with a financial planner

Our commitment to you

If you have attended all classes and advisor meetings and earned a passing grade on the final exam, you will earn up to a $1000 match to your contribution to your individual Roth account held at a financial institution of your choice. There is no charge at any time for classes, meetings or any aspect of the program. You will not be sold financial products nor referred to certain financial institutions or providers. This program is strictly educational in format and intent and receives no compensation from any transactions or advice.

Your commitment to us

Our hope is that this pilot program demonstrates the value to young adults of financial education and advisory services. In order to demonstrate success, we will need to collect financial information from each participant annually for up to three years (while you are an active participant in the program and two years following). For this reason we will ask you to complete a Net Worth Statement annually for three years. We will also collect demographic information from program participants. Because our firm is regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), we are required to have a Limited Consulting Agreement signed by each program participant. Although there is no cost to participate and we receive no compensation from any transactions or for advice, the SEC requires our working relationship be in writing. Renewal of the agreement at the end of the program is strictly voluntary.


To be eligible for an interview, please complete and submit the following application:

  • (if different from above)

If you share financial responsibilities with another individual in your home and if that person would like to participate in the program as well, please ask them to complete a separate application.