Your Job, Your Passion

Lucky are the few whose work is their passion. Know anyone who wanted to be, let’s say, a nurse when they grew up, became a nurse and lived (and worked) happily ever after? Similarly, lucky are the few who find meaning in their work, no matter what work they do. How...

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We’re hearing this word a lot lately and next week is our deadline to weigh in – Election Day. The majority of my readers are millennials with growing political power. Did you know you can pre-register? Apparently 100,000 California youths have done so which allows...

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Camp Mustache

Yes, there really is a Camp Mustache! This financial getaway attracts those who are super interested in saving, investing and retiring early a la Mr. Money Mustache. Two graduates of our 3rd DecadeTM program attended Camp Mustache – here’s their story: “Our journey...

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Help Wanted

Yes, really! The TCI Foundation is looking for just the right person to help us with our continued growth and what better place to look than our 3rd DecadeTM graduates and blog followers. The TCI Foundation is currently looking for a Program Coordinator in the Tucson...

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Are you a Choice Architect?

We all are. On a macro level, choice architecture manipulates our decision-making based on how choices are presented. On a micro level, we take part in managing our own choices – big ones, little ones, daily. The term was coined by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein and...

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There are lots of great stories about paying off debt. The one below is the personal story of Hadley Malcolm, who happens to also be a personal finance reporter covering consumer banking and young finance. It’s inspiring and reminds us that good financial management...

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Job hunting?

What are your priorities when looking for a job and would you believe that 4 of the 10 “best places to find a job in 2018” are in Arizona? A recent Bank of America survey uncovered some interesting differences between the generations when asked about their priorities...

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What’s your but?

The REI promotion asked “What’s your but?” Our excuses for not being active might sound like this: “but it’s too early, too late, too hot, too cold…” and I get it. My perception of getting out for a hike is often that it’s going to be any one of these things – too...

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