bob swift

Bob Swift, Founder

A Note from the Founder

The basic principles of personal finance are as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. But the fact is that most of us didn’t learn personal finance in school or from our parents and today’s financial industry caters to experienced, wealthy people, not to those who need it most. For these reasons, TCIF’s 3rd Decade® program is designed to give you the basic knowledge you’ll need to make sound financial decisions while the Foundation provides access to professional financial advisors. My commitment is that each individual receive unbiased professional financial education and advice at no cost. At a minimum, I want you to avoid the big mistakes! Ultimately, I want you to build a secure financial future. I welcome your commitment. – Bob Swift, Founder, TCI Wealth Advisors, TCI Foundation TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. was founded in 1990 with the fundamental principle of putting clients’ interests first through trusted, respectful, honest and open communication. With offices in Tucson, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Reno/Tahoe, Santa Fe, Denver, and Santa Monica, TCI is one of the largest independent, registered investment advisory firms in the West.

Our Mission

Increasing new investors' confidence and lifetime success through financial education.

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