We’re hearing this word a lot lately and next week is our deadline to weigh in – Election Day. The majority of my readers are millennials with growing political power. Did you know you can pre-register? Apparently 100,000 California youths have done so which allows them to vote just as soon as they turn 18. Great…but will they?

Harvard’s Institute of Politics surveys the voting habits of young adults. Those who say they will vote in next week’s election have increased dramatically – 38% versus 24% in 2014, the last mid-term elections. But, fewer actually make it to the polls.

Want some motivation? Watch this one minute of satire but beware: there is one ‘wash your mouth out with soap’ word and, although the organization behind the creative is focused on electing Democrats, I think the stronger message is ‘if you’re a young adult, just please vote’.

Here’s the thing. The electorate is weighed towards those over 45 – a higher percentage of them are registered and a larger percentage of them vote. So, millennials, you have some ground to make up…starting next Tuesday.