Thanks to a loyal blog reader, we have some fun and encouraging news to enjoy and share over the holiday.

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• In Sweden, blood donors get a text message whenever their blood saves a life
• A man in India planted a tree every day for 35 years and created a forest larger than Central Park
• Sea turtle populations have increased by 980% thanks to the Endangered Species Act
• A Thai supermarket says no to plastic packaging and wraps produce in banana leaves
• Netherlands has achieved the goal of officially becoming the first country without stray dogs
• In Rome you can pay for Metro tickets with plastic bottles – more than 350,000 bottles have been recycled so far
• Iceland has become the first country in the world to legally enforce equal pay for women and men
• Scientists in Finland have developed world’s first vaccine to fight off ‘bee apocalypse’
• South Korea once recycled 2% of its food waster; it now recycles 95% thanks to smart bins and special biodegradable bags
• Peru has committed to ending palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021.
• Humpback whales have come back from the brink of extinction, from a few hundred to 25,000.
• Scientists in Mexico have created fake plastic from cactus juice that biodegrades in a month and is safe to ingest.
• Scientists can now convert all blood types to the universal type 0 that is safe for all patients to receive thereby saving thousands of lives.
• The Galapagos iguana has made a return almost 200 years after Charles Darwin recorded them on his voyage
• Renewable energy sources now account for around a third of all global power capacity
• In Lagos, Nigeria, The Recycle Pay project allows parents to cover their kids’ school fees by collecting and bringing plastic waste to recyclers
• Research finds that feeding cows seaweed cuts 99% of greenhouse gas emissions from their burps and farts

Just making sure you read all the way to the bottom – happy holidays!