Today’s the longest and, to date, the hottest day of the year – welcome to summer! How about cooling off in Flagstaff? Why Flagstaff? We’re expanding our 3rd DecadeTM program from Tucson and Tempe to include Flagstaff! Know anyone who would be interested? Here are the details…

Since launching the 3rd DecadeTM in 2016, our program has grown organically. By that I mean that the initial participants in Tucson and Tempe told friends, co-workers and family members who then signed up for future classes. By year-end, over 400 individuals will have participated in the 3rd DecadeTM program!

We want to extend our reach to Flagstaff and would like to call on you to help us fill our first class with just the kinds of individuals who will most benefit from the program because we know that they’ll then tell their friends, co-workers and family members and the classes will grow from there!

As a reminder, the 3rd DecadeTM program is offered at no charge and includes:

  • Classroom instruction: Four classes (10 hours) on Personal Finance
  • A final exam
  • Financial Planning: Two years of one-on-one advice from a financial planner
  • Financial Incentive: $1000 check payable to the participant’s Roth IRA upon successful completion of the program

It’s easy to apply – just follow this link.

Thanks for helping us to extend this successful program to the rest of our State!