The 3rd Decade Program

The TCI Foundation (TCIF), a 501c3 non-profit organization, was founded to provide the financial education young adults should have received in school.

TCIF offers the 3rd Decade program, led by financial experts, to increase your financial confidence and success. The 3rd Decade is the most critical time for planning and maximizing future financial success. Young adults are particularly at risk and are too often targeted by financial services that don't have their best interests in mind.

Poor financial decisions early in life can compromise financial security for years. At a minimum, we want you to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make good decision. And, we want you to learn that financial security is more about good money habits and decisions rather than how much you make.

Bob Swift, founder of TCI Wealth Advisors, is committed to providing access to professional advice and financial education through TCIF and the 3rd Decade program. So important is this goal that participants in the 3rd Decade program are able to earn financial incentives.

It is time for you to Get Started.


From the TCI Foundation Blog

Picking Stocks

I spent yesterday morning talking about investing with a high school Personal Finance class. This is a classroom that the TCI Foundation has been visiting for the past three years – this time was different. Many teachers use The Stock Market Game and their teacher had received a grant to bring the investing tool into the classroom this semester. The Stock Market Game is a popular online tool that lets teams of students simulate investing in stocks and compete against other student teams nationally to see whose portfolio wins. Created by the SIFMA Foundation, a non-profit supported by broker-dealers, banks and asset managers, it targets grades 4-12 “preparing them for financially independent futures.” It’s fun! The students like investing their $100,000. They learn about ticker symbols, how to read a stock table, and about the different stock exchanges.  Their teacher works hard to engage them and, when we talked after class, we agreed that the Stock Market Game had made a … [Read More...]