Did you know we had a lost week? Apparently the 20.3 days of vacation that we took on average between 1978 and 2000 shrank to just 16 by 2014 – this is a crisis! But the good news is that it’s trending up…to 16.8 days in 2016. This week’s quiet offices, phones and streets suggest we Tucsonans are doing our part in strengthening the trend.

Project: Time Off, a group who invites us to “join in disrupting the vacation stigma [and to] learn about why vacation is important, communicate about it with coworkers and company management, and lead by example by taking advantage of your paid time off,” offers some interesting vacation inspiring research:

  • People who plan their vacations are more likely to take all their time off (52% vs 40%) and, importantly, are also more likely to be happy with their relationships, health and well-being, company and job:

  • Employees who use all their vacation days tend to be more successful at work – they are more likely to receive a raise, bonus or promotion:

  • Millennials women are dragging us down! Although 55% say vacation time is “extremely” important compared to 45% of millennial men, they’re not walking the walk:

Stand up against what Project: Time Off calls the “work martyr syndrome.” Do you part – take off, come back refreshed and start planning your next vacation!