Retailers wanted a longer holiday shopping season so, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation proclaiming Thanksgiving to be the fourth Thursday in November rather than the last Thursday. As a result, some started calling the holiday Franksgiving.

In 1961, “black Friday” was used to describe the disruptive foot and car traffic of Philadelphia shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving. The term also points to the day in the year when retailers begin to turn a profit going from “red” to “black”.

It’s a crazy shopping day, one that some retailers now start on Thanksgiving evening. In 2011, a woman in a California Walmart used pepper spray on fellow shoppers. Sadly, shoppers have been injured and, tragically, even lost their lives in the frenzy.

Black Friday sales have been slipping as Cyber Monday sales have grown. The term was first used by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman in a November 28, 2005 press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.

Cyber Monday, a work day, has contributed to 22% of employers firing an employee for using the Internet for non-work activity; 7% of HR managers surveyed had fired an employee specifically for holiday shopping!

Here’s the deal. Don’t miss out on family time, get injured or fired…instead shop at Cultivate on Saturday, December 1st! 

Treat yourself to some of the best originality Tucson has to offer. Cultivate is a pop-up market featuring local designers, makers, independent shops, and artists with an additional mission of cultivating community.

Built on the very timely sentiment “that authentic relationships and face-to-face connections are essential for personal and creative growth,” this is Cultivate’s sixth market!

You can drive or walk to this year’s location in the All Saints Building at 415 S. 6th Ave. but why not bike? Living Streets Alliance is coordinating a Community Bike Ride so shoppers can bike to Cultivate and Technicians for Sustainability is sponsoring bike parking.

This season shop local, shop relaxed!