The 3rd Decade™ program continues to grow and our staff is expanding to grow with it! For this position we’re hoping to find someone with a background in the non-profit world as well as two or more years experience in a similar role. Resumes and cover letters should be sent to

JOB DESCRIPTION: Programs Manager

Position Overview: The Programs Manager is responsible for all things related to the participant experience. From recruitment to onboarding to ensuring effective training to graduation and beyond, the Programs Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that the participants experience at the 3rd Decade is top notch. The Programs Manager must work collaboratively with the Partnerships Manager to ensure fluid exchange between participants, teachers, and advisors.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

● Serve as the main point of contact for all participants from initial application thru the 2-year program term.
● Vet all applicants to ensure they meet qualifications to participate; notify of acceptance or decline.
● Ensure the participants receive a warm and welcome onboarding to the 3rd Decade including prompt initial communication, responsiveness to questions, coordination of paperwork, etc.
● Organize and hold the registration sessions for all incoming 3rd Decade cohorts, or provide support to those holding the registration sessions.
● Effectively communicate key pieces of information, ensure all related course materials are available, and communication channels are active for participants.
● Manage and improve the “Waiting List Experience” for those waiting for a spot in the program. This includes providing resources, organizing webinars, etc.
● Build and improve systems to effectively manage participants information and integration with 3rd Decade platforms to make the process easy to monitor attendance in classes, collect paperwork, track attendance at discovery and progress meetings, etc.
● Ensure all qualified participants receive their Roth IRA contribution on time.
● Work with 3rd Decade alumni partners to “pass” alumni off at the end of the 3rd Decade 2-year program.
● Implement survey tools, monitoring and evaluation practices, and maintain NPS of 70 or higher for program participants.
● Send annual alumni impact survey to capture data that measures the impact of the 3rd Decade program, help aggregate the data for grant reports, board updates, etc.
● Work collaboratively with the Director of Partnerships who manages the relationships with all advisors to ensure scheduling happens on time and is productive for the participants.
● Support logistics for class spaces at all 3rd Decade Partner locations and ordering food for all locations.
● Support logistics for participants graduation.
● Travel as needed to new and existing regions to help with on-the-ground implementation.
● Build and maintain a 3rd Decade Social Media presence aimed at potential participants and sharing the impact of our work publicly related to and with the consent of participants.

Reports to:

● Executive Director